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Spring Cleaning with Windex® Brand from Walmart

by Freebies4Mom on May 3, 2016 7:25 pm

Spring Cleaning with Windex® Brand from WalmartMake your glass and windows sparkle with Windex® Brand from Walmart. I’m tackling the mess on my bathroom mirror and the glass in my back door as part of my spring cleaning. I love that Windex® Brand makes cleaning so easy and always works great the first time I use it. I’ve tried some other cleaners that just didn’t cut the dirt and grime which meant I had to clean the same area twice. I’ve got plenty of messes to clean up in my house thanks to my two boys and puppy. Who’s making messes in your house?

Spring Cleaning with Windex® from Walmart

Shop at Walmart for Windex® Brand in the Home Cleaning aisle to give you streak-free shine on your mirrors, glass, electronics and more. I easily found it at my Walmart and I also picked up some fun gloves to wear while I clean and new microfiber cloths. There’s a great reason why Windex® Brand Original Glass Cleaner is America’s #1 glass cleaner* and that’s because it works so well! I tackled mirrors and glass in my home, but you could also tackle sealed granite, glass shower doors, lucite, tile, plastic, vinyl and aluminum with Windex® Brand in your home.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom Mirrors with Windex® Brand from Walmart

I’ve got a busy schedule running my business and managing a household of four, so I demand that the cleaning products I use be able to multi-task. After I cleaned the giant mirror in my bathroom, I used Windex® Brand* to clean my bathroom sinks and countertop. The results were fabulous ~ a streak-free clean that really makes the surfaces sparkle.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom Mirrors with Windex® Brand from Walmart

I love that no matter how dirty my mirrors or glass is, Windex® can get them sparkling clean with just a swipe of a cloth. I prefer to use microfiber cloths to clean with but of course paper towels work great too!

Spring Cleaning with Windex® Brand from Walmart

Let’s take a look at the mirror in my Master Bathroom. I took these “before” and “after” photos to show you the visible difference Windex® Brand makes.

Spring Cleaning my Master Bathroom with Windex® Brand from Walmart

It might be a little tough for you to see the difference, so I zoomed in to show you. Take a look at the towel reflected in the mirror, it’s resting by the sink just below the “below” and “after” text. You will notice that in the “before” photo you almost can’t even see the towel because of all the grime on the mirror. Then in the “after” photo you can see a crystal clear reflection.

Spring Cleaning my Master Bathroom with Windex® Brand from Walmart

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I love spring cleaning because it’s such a refreshing feeling to clean the spaces in your home. It makes me smile and want to enjoy the clean spaces in my home more.
Spring Cleaning Door to my Backyard with Windex® Brand from Walmart

Now let’s take a look at my back door that is heavily used by both of my boys and my puppy as they enter the house from the backyard. Lots of muddy smears in the “before” photo and then sparkling clean in the “after” photo.

My Messy Crew - Spring Cleaning Door to my Backyard with Windex® Brand from Walmart

Meet my ‘Messy Crew’ as I affectionately call them ~ two boys and a puppy! I love all three of them dearly, but boy can they create some messes in the house. From tracking in mud from the back yard to creating messes from school projects, they are masters at making a mess. Now I’d love to hear about who’s making messes in your house!

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*Claim based on data reported by Nielsen Scantrack in Household Glass Cleaner category for 52 weeks ending 10.31.15. Total US XAOC. Copyright © 2015, The Nielsen Company.

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Return to Routine with Jimmy Dean® Breakfasts at Walmart

by Freebies4Mom on March 11, 2016 10:00 am

600x50 Tyson DisclosureEating 630x451

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What we eat for breakfast fuels our day! I like to fill my kids up with protein before they head to school so that they have the energy they need for a demanding day of learning and activities. We tried Jimmy Dean® Croissant and Biscuit sandwiches from Walmart as a quick breakfast option. My kids were really impressed with these sandwiches and even asked for seconds!

Store editedI shopped at Walmart for Jimmy Dean® Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant and Jimmy Dean® Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit in the frozen breakfast foods aisle so I could stock up and be ready to prepare a delicious breakfast for my family in a few minutes!

Plates 630x370I told my kids that we were having a “fancy breakfast” on a Wednesday morning. I put red placements down and got out my floral dishes. I added a green napkin and poured the orange juice into my mason jar glasses with lids and straws. Sometimes simply serving food on different dishes is a real treat and makes the meal feel more special!

Croissant 630x906The Jimmy Dean® Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant is my favorite breakfast sandwich. I added strawberries and grapes to our breakfast plates to help round out our breakfast. And I included a dollop of whipped cream to dip strawberries in.

Biscuit 630x828

Our mornings are super busy. As my kids are preparing for the school day, I’m preparing to go to my exercise class. I actually leave the house for class before my kids even go to school, which means I’m even more pressed for time to prepare them a filling breakfast. Since they both are scheduled to eat lunch a little late, it’s even more important that their breakfast fills them up and gives them the energy they need.

Eating 630x453

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How do you get your kids started off with a great breakfast?


Watch Floogals kids show on Sprout

by Freebies4Mom on January 22, 2016 6:44 pm

FloogalsWatch the Floogals, a new original animated series on Sprout, premiering on Saturday, January 23 at 7pm CT. You can enjoy this new animated kids show every night at 7pm CT (8pm ET, 6pm MT, 5pm PT). Watch two full episodes on your computer when you login at to your cable provider.

I’m a huge fan of the Sprout Channel and it was my favorite for my kids to watch high-quality programming that we all enjoyed when they were little. Now I was lucky enough to get a sneak-peek of Floogals, and I have to tell you I was impressed with the spunky alien characters and adventurous theme that builds self-esteem in kids. If you have the chance to watch Floogals with your kids, I’d love to hear what you think about this show!

Floogals, a new Sprout Original Series for kids


A Royal Night Out movie in theaters Dec. 4

by Freebies4Mom on December 4, 2015 10:32 am

Treat yourself to a movie this weekend and watch A Royal Night Out, an echanting movie about the misadventures of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret when they join the public celebrations of Victory in Europe (VE) Day on May 8, 1945. I got to watch the screening of this movie and I loved it – it’s the perfect movie for date night or girls night out! Watch the trailer above (just hit the play arrow). Buy tickets to A Royal Night Out at a theater near you!

A Royal Night Out Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret What I Love About A Royal Night Out

The story, the costumes, the music, the inside peak at life inside the Royal Family ~ there’s so much to love about this movie! You get swept up in the celebration of VE Day and feel like you’re there at the party. It’s entertaining to watch the princesses plot how they’ll convince the King and Queen to let them celebrate VE Day outside of Buckingham Palace with the public. Now, I don’t want to spoil the ending ~ but this movie does a great job of keeping you guessing what’s next and wondering when the princesses will make it back safely to Buckingham Palace. I hope you have a chance to watch A Royal Night Out because I think you’ll really enjoy it!

Celebration 630x506

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4 Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Shopping Frenzy

by Freebies4Mom on November 24, 2015 9:17 am

4 Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Shopping Frenzy

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The deals are flying right now both online and in the stores, so this is a great time to remind you to avoid what I’m calling “shopping frenzy”. Don’t buy things just to buy them. Don’t buy things because others are buying them. Don’t buy things just to get a limited-supply “freebie” that you don’t even really want. And please don’t ruin your Thanksgiving holiday with your family to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day (aka the NEW Black Friday).

My mom and I were talking about the shopping she did on a previous “Black Friday” and she told me:

I returned every single thing I purchased on that day, because I realized that they were all impulse purchases. I saw everyone else buying these great deals and felt I should too.

But she didn’t need to buy these “deals”, and recognized she should return what she bought. But my mom is someone who plans ahead and I’m guessing she already had most of her gifts ready for the holidays. So for her shopping on that day of amazing deals was more for the fun of the experience and without a well-defined plan.

Here are my four tips to help you shop wisely this holiday season:

1. Have a Plan, Stick to the Plan
Make a list of gifts you want to get including a budget for each gift. When you get closer to making your shopping trip, then make a list of which stores you’ll go to and what you’ll look for at each store. Your plan should align with your budget. Overspending isn’t any fun because ultimately YOU have to pay that bill.

2. Don’t Shop Under Stress
That means don’t be tired, hungry, or stressed out while you shop. Because that could contribute to impulse buying that you may later regret. Crowded stores and waiting in long lines is about the most stressful situation I could imagine, so I avoid them. I only shop online on Thanksgiving and Black Friday to avoid the craziness in the stores.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Return
If you go shopping, and the next day realize you got two presents for someone who you only needed one for, then by all means return it! Doesn’t matter how good of a deal you got, if it isn’t an item you’ll use or that you have a specific recipient for then I say return it if you can. Some people keep a gift closet to stock with gifts for the upcoming year and that’s a great strategy. Just make sure that the gifts you’re stocking it with are good candidates for being given as gifts within the next year.

4. Spend Your Time How You Want To
Only you know what you want to do with your time, so spend it on what you want whether that be enjoying family, decorating your house, working on a home improvement project, or shopping. Just be sure you’re doing what you want to do and not following what everyone else is doing. Avoid the crowd mentality because it can be damaging to your budget.

What do you do to avoid the “shopping frenzy”? Leave a comment on this post!

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