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4 Ways to Squelch A “Want”

by Freebies4Mom on June 8, 2017 12:00 pm

TipsThere was this purse I saw on Amazon that I instantly fell in love with and thought “I have to get this purse, it is so ME!”. But I didn’t buy it because the pricetag was over $200 – and I’ve never bought a purse that costs anywhere near that much. ]

I squelched my desire to buy it by printing out a picture of it and filing it away (so it was out-of-sight and out-of-mind).  Well, I found that picture a few months after I printed it and guess what? I no longer want that purse – and now when I look at it I think “Those zebra stripes are so NOT me”. I am so glad I didn’t buy it when I wanted to, but held onto it as a “wish” that might be granted or denied at a later date.

I’m still shopping for a new purse – but instead of browsing online for the “perfect” purse I’m looking in the Goodwill Store for the “perfect” gently-used purse.

Here are four tips to squelch a “Want” on your list:

1. Print It and then Forget It

2. Ask for it as a Gift

3. Go Frugal

4. Just Say No To Yourself

It’s ok (and even healthy) so just say no to yourself! You can make do with what you have – and many times you will find that what you have is plenty!

We get bombarded with “buy more” messages every day so it’s easy to think that we need to upgrade something when we don’t really need to.

Having less helps us appreciate all that we have that much more! Don’t you think so?

4 Ways to Squelch A "Want"

Me with my gently used purse I bought at a Garage Sale


speech313Where can you take the kids this summer that’s air-conditioned, educational, fun and FREE? The library!

We are fortunate to live in Houston and we have three public libraries within a 15-minute drive of our house. During the summer, our library hosts wonderful kids and teen activities including everything from crafts to magicians. Plus we can of course check out books and movies.

Our library also hosts a free Summer Reading Program where kids get rewarded for reading and yours probably does too!

But my favorite thing about planning an outing to the library is that while we are there we are not tempted to spend money! As long as we return our library books on time, the library is a very frugal place to go.

Why are you taking your kids to the library this summer? Please leave a comment to tell me!


Why it’s a challenge for me to love summer…

by Freebies4Mom on June 6, 2017 11:59 am

MorningIt’s a challenge for me to love summer. I know it sounds crazy – doesn’t everyone love summer?

But because of a combination of moving to a climate I’ll never acclimate to and working from home full-time all summer, it completely throws me off my schedule when my kids are home full-time all summer. And I’m supposed to enjoy this? Here’s why it’s a big challenge:

1. My kids get 12 weeks of vacation from school. I get 0 weeks of vacation.

That’s the challenge and the beauty of being self-employed. You are never really on “vacation”. I do take a real vacation but that means I do about half of what I normally do while my family is on vacation. And to do half of what I normally do takes a lot of preparation.

That’s why I joke about taking a vacation in the boonies – I literally must be cut-off from the internet because blogging has become such an important part of my daily life. I don’t want to stop, even while on vacation – so my goal is to do a lot less.

2. It’s too hot for me to enjoy the outdoors.

Houston is hot. I like to refer to summer as “Super Summer” because there is too much sunshine, too much humidity, and too much heat. That’s why we travel to visit family and the places we used to live during the summer. Places where the summer temperatures are in the 60’s and 70’s.

If you go to an outdoor pool in Houston, your feet will get burned walking from your pool chair to the pool . . . seriously, it’s that hot!

3. The birds start singing at 5:45 am.

Which is a wonderful way to wake-up . . .

unless you’re the mom of children who wake-up when the birds wake-up


Why is it a challenge for you to love summer?

Which season of the year is your least favorite and why? Leave a comment to tell me!


FootprintsIt wasn’t the biggest freebie or prize ever that surprised me, it was something that I never knew was lost until it was returned to me (albeit five years later). A 9 x 11 envelope arrived in my mailbox. The first thing I do when I get a piece of mail is I look at the return address and try to guess what’s inside (I can usually guess if it’s a freebie I requested). This envelope was from my hospital – but I could tell it wasn’t a bill. And I hadn’t been to the hospital in over four years when my second son was born – so what in the world could it be?

Footprints . . . NEWBORN Footprints . . . and my first thought was:

“Whose footprints are these?” because what appears to be some type of informal birth certificate that the hospital issues was completely blank except for my doctor’s signature (his actual signature, not a stamp) . . . and those newborn footprints. My second thought was:

“These footprints don’t belong to me!” because I don’t remember missing footprints for either of my two children. But then I turned the mostly blank certificate over and studied the small sticker in the bottom right-hand corner. My name and date of birth are on it. So my third thought was:

“Which baby of mine is this for?” It took me a few minutes to correctly read the admission date which matches the birth of my first son (which happened over five years ago).

Wow! Five years later my newborn’s footprints are returned to me. I didn’t know they were missing but I’m happy to have them back! No doubt I have someone at the hospital to thank for taking the time to lookup my current address (I’ve moved within that five years) and mail it to me after they were discovered in some filing cabinet somewhere. So that was the biggest surprise in my mailbox – and I just had to save the envelope because it still surprises me to pull it out and wonder all over again what’s inside…

What was the biggest surprise in your mailbox?

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