You can avoid sending belated Happy Birthday Wishes by planning ahead with Hallmark cards. I have four tips to help you remember birthdays. I also want to show you the cards I stocked up on at Walmart for birthdays in November. You are going to love having the perfect card and gift ready to give to celebrate your connections with family and friends.

I bought the “Take the Sparkly Purse Today” card for my friend who loves to do crafts and also loves Disney World (they go every year). So I added a Disney gift card to her fancy Birthday Card and I know she’ll love both!

Send Happy Birthday Wishes On Time with Hallmark - Write Reminders on Your Calendar #BirthdaySmiles #cbias #shop

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Tip #1 – Write Birthday Card Reminders on Your Calendar

My first tip is to write yourself reminders on whichever calendar you use the most. Don’t just write down the birthday events, write down reminders for buying a card & gift and mailing a card & gift. How many times have you flipped the calendar over to find that a close relative or friend has their birthday on the FIRST and you don’t have their card or gift ready? It’s happened to me plenty of times – that’s why I write myself reminders as well as when the birthdays happen.

My “baby” is turning 7 in November and I just love Milestone Birthday Cards for kids. I know my son will get a kick out of his “Seven” card and he’ll be thrilled to hear Darth Vader’s Theme play when he opens the card. Hallmark has a great selection of cards that play sound and I will admit that I secretly get a kick out of opening all of them while I’m at Walmart just to hear them!

Happy Birthday Wishes On Time with Hallmark - Buy Birthday Cards Ahead of Time #BirthdaySmiles #cbias #shop

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Tip #2 – Buy Birthday Cards Ahead of Time

You need to plan ahead so that you have the birthday cards you need BEFORE you need them. I like to make a list of birthdays that are coming up within the next one or two months then go shopping for cards. One reason I like Hallmark cards is that they have such a wide selection of cards that I can quickly find the “perfect” card for my recipient. I like to visit the Hallmark department at Walmart so that I can browse the entire collection visually and find the perfect card.

This card jumped out at me as the perfect card for my niece who turns 9 in November. It’s the perfect card for her! I love how shiny it is and that it has glittery pink velvet on it. I included a gift card for buying new books – which was kind of appropriate for this card since it’s a quote from Dr. Seuss.

Send Happy Birthday Wishes On Time with Hallmark - Find the Perfect Card and you Won't Forget to Give It #BirthdaySmiles #cbias #shop

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Tip #3 – Find the Perfect Card and You Won’t Forget to Give It!

It’s impossible to forget to give a birthday card when you find the PERFECT card because you’ll be excited to give it and see the recipient’s reaction to it! I love to save money on everything, so I usually will send a birthday card with a gift card rather than mailing a package. I consider the price of the card part of the price of the gift – so when I find that perfect card the price usually doesn’t factor into my purchase.

I can’t wait to hear my dad’s reaction to this birthday card! It’s hard to describe my dad’s sense of humor in words – but this card totally fits his sense of humor so I’m giving it to him for his 71st birthday. He’s recently retired, so I’m going to jokingly write this on the inside (and now you know our nicknames):

“Dadt –

I know you don’t have anything better to do than surf iTunes now that you’re retired,

so I’m giving you some iTunes money.

I also know you don’t know what gift cards are,

so hand it to Mom and she’ll redeem it for you.

I wanted to get you one of those fancy new iPads,

but I was worried you would break it.

Love,  Feath”

Send Happy Birthday Wishes On Time with Hallmark - Mail the Perfect Card with a Gift Card and save money on postage #BirthdaySmiles #cbias #shop

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Tip #4 – Send the Perfect Card with a Gift Card to Save Money on Postage

Think twice before you send a package because it is expensive to pay for shipping! You can show your thoughtfulness by sending the perfect card, and selecting a gift card that your recipient will love. Personally I love to get gift cards because it lets me pick out the perfect gift for myself! I think it’s wise to save your shipping money (in most cases) and put that money back into the card and the gift.

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