I’ve been winning all kinds of useful prizes.  Remember that persistence is the key to winning – I play almost daily and that’s how I win so often!  It’s fun to share what you’re winning, so please leave a comment on this post!  And you might want to save your Huggies points to play the new “Noodles of Fun” game with potentially over 8,000 winners every day!  Talk about a winnable sweeps!Luckiest Sweepstakes to Play Daily:
Over 500 winners each day:

Kroger Hit the Hoops *Quick Entry*
88,000+prizes, win up to 2x, details here 
Pace Hand-Pick & Win *Quick Entry*
 129,000 prizes, win up to 5x, details here 

Over 100 winners each day:
Cheerios *Quick Entry*
 53,600 winners of free box of Cheerios, everyone gets coupons, details here
Subway Footlong Nation Appreciation
 7,000+ prizes, $5 to $260 gift cards, details here
Dentyne Pocket Ammo *Quick Entry*
 6,700 prizes, mostly Dentyne gum, use 1254609702 details here
Over 10 winners a Day:
My Coke Rewards Papa Johns
5,600+ winners of pizza & Coke Zero, play 5x daily, details here
Milk the Moment *Quick Entry*
2,000+ winners of games & other prizes, details here
Extra Gum The 3PM Smackdown Challenge *Quick Entry* 
11,000+ prizes, credit to spend on fitness prizes, details and get codes here
My Coke Best Buy $15 Gift Card
4,000 winners, play 5xdaily, details here
Nature Valley Get Some Nature *Quick Entry* 
4,000 prizes, details here
Safeway Back to School *Quick Entry* 
3,500+ prizes of Box Tops for your school, details here
Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Sweeps
You’ve got to enter codes in order to play so it’s not something you can play daily unless you save up your points. I recommend trying the new “Interactive Game” called Noodles of Fun to try to win a prize valued form $10 to $10,000 (350,000 prizes awarded between March 10 and April 21).  That’s over 8,000 winners eve
ry day
if enough people are playing!  I’ve listed all the Huggies codes here.
What’s New in Sweeps?
I’ve added a note to those sweeps that are *Quick Entry* to help you get the best (and shortest) daily sweeps experience.  The sweeps that allow for multiple entries (like My Coke and Subway) and that have fancy flash graphics that take time to load (or there is no skip option) are sweeps that I often don’t play daily because of the time requirement.  And if you really want to make your daily sweeps experience as efficient as possible- then maximize your time and winning power by entering only the sweeps with over 100 winners daily (currently there are only six).
What did I Win?
$25 Visa from the Potty Dance
I entered the code from a package of Pull-Ups and won this game again!  Previously I won a $50 Visa.
$5 + $5 Kroger Credit
I love this prize because it’s so practical to get $10 knocked off my grocery bill.  Remember that the Kroger Hit the Hoops sweeps is for all Kroger affiliate stores – so don’t think it’s just for “Kroger”.  And you can win up to 2 prizes that will be loaded onto your registered store loyalty card.
$10 Restaurant.com
I won and am waiting for an email mid-April with my certificate, then I’ll check the participating restaurants near me and see where I can use it.
$5 Extra Gum Smackdown Cash
I finally won and got to browse the prizes, there are some great ones!  I’m going to see if I can win more Smackdown Cash to get a bigger prize.
Pace Picante Sauce
I finally won -and hope to win more (you can win up to 5 free jars of Pace)
Subway Footlong Nation Appreciation Fan T-Shirt
Not the gift card I was hoping to win, but I’ll take the free t-shirt!
What did you Win?
$250 Denny’s Gift Card
Holly won this prize from the Huggies sweeps “Thx so much 4 all the Huggies codes you post. I won $250 to Dennys from them in the mail today, came as a surprise!! TYTY!”  That’s part of the fun of winning the Huggies sweeps that aren’t instant wins – you don’t know if you won until you get your prize in the mail.

$100 Cash

Rebecca won this useful prize playing the Huggies Interactive Game.  The great thing about the Interactive Game is you find out if you won instantly.

FLIP Video Camera

Vanessa got her FLIP that she won from the PayPal sweeps back in December!

“On Top of Spaghetti” Children’s Book

Jami won this prize from the Huggies sweeps in the new Interactive Game called “Noodles of Fun Game”.  It’s a very winnable sweeps when you spend 5 points – there are potentially over 8,000 winners every day!

What did you win recently? Please leave a comment and share with us!
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