Apply to host a free Dove Dare To Be Truly You House Party and you’ll get free hostess supplies. If selected, a party pack will be delivered straight to your door including fun educational tools and games to help build a positive body image for the next generation. You will receive everything you need to host an awesome party with your child and 5+ friends. In return, you will be asked to download the Dove Confidence Kit, write a review of the kit, and share pics of your experience. Applications can be submitted thru September 19 and there will be 1,000 applications acceptedComplete the application honestly, because they aren’t necessarily looking for hosts who can throw the biggest parties. Find another House Party to apply for and see what’s coming up next. Each party uses different criteria to select the hosts and not everyone who applies will be selected. This is a word-of-mouth marketing campaign where companies give customers an opportunity to advertise for them. Please leave a comment to tell us how your party went or contact me.

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