Saving money on your home printing costs starts with choosing a printer that works well for you, costs less to buy, and costs less to operate. It’s great to get a free printer but if you have to pay for one it’s good to know how you can pay less. Here are some general tips that come directly from my readers, lets start with getting a printer for free:

Accept a Hand-Me-Down
When people buy a new printer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their old printer doesn’t work anymore. Tell everyone you know you’re looking for a hand-me-down printer to use. Lindsey said “Mine was a hand me down when my parents purchased a new printer.” And Kevin said “I didn’t buy a printer. I got if for free from someone who was cleaning out their office.”

Check Out Freecyle
Because yes, people like to give their unwanted but perfectly functional stuff to total strangers that can use it! Freecycle is a great way to find a free printer in your area. That’s how Alicia got hers!

Ask for a Printer Gift
“Mine was a gift! I have no problems asking for what I really need, so I don’t get junk for Christmas” says Be Organized Save Money

Buy it On Sale and Use Coupons
Watch for a sale, then use a coupon on top of that if you can. Before I was given my current HP Photosmart Premium printer I purchased an HP Printer online thru Ebates at and used a coupon code. I had compared prices and found that HP’s online store was competitively priced for the products I was considering buying. Other readers are doing the same thing – it’s called stacking your discounts!

Online stores aren’t the only ones with coupons. Know which stores near you issue coupons and how to get them. My reader are shopping with coupons for printers at Costco, BJs, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Staples, and other stores. Elizabeth said “I bought ours the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) and saved TONS of money doing that!”

Watch for Rebates
This can be a great way to significantly slash the price of your printer – by asking for money back! Amanda said “I got my printer for $10 after rebate.”

Consider Refurbished
I have purchased a refurbished HP printer and I was just as happy with it as I would have been with a new printer. The reason is that I couldn’t tell it was used, and it has to pass the same tests that the new printers do before it can be sold (at a deep discount). Just be sure you know who you’re buying that refurbished printer from and that it really has been tested by the manufacturer.

Bundle Purchase
Buying a new computer? Often they’ll throw a printer into the bundle so you don’t have to purchase it separately. Just make sure you compare prices and know if the price your paying on your bundle purchase is a good one compared to if you bought the components separately.

Choose an All-In-One
Why? Because it does everything and saves you money on copying and printing costs that you would normally outsource if you had a normal printer. The savings can really add up, especially if you have a home-based business. I love my HP Photosmart Premium because it does everything and I wished I would have looked at getting an all-in-one printer sooner. Stephanie said “Mine is an Epson and quite a work horse. I’m using it for business, family, and of course printing coupons!”

Feel free to leave a comment with your tip on saving money on your printer purchase (or getting a free printer).