How To See a Facebook Fan Page in Your News Feed

FacebookFrequently Asked Question: How do I see in my Facebook News Feed?

Now you can select Show in News Feed when you hover your mouse on the “Like” button for any Fan page on Facebook. You should see a pull-down menu appear so that you can place a checkmark by “Show in News Feed”. Don’t miss any freebies – go check that you’re getting my […]


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The Truth About Why Retailers Dislike Frugal Bloggers

Freebies 4 Mom

Frequently Asked Question: Why do some retailers dislike Frugal Bloggers?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately – and I hear other bloggers asking it too. I’d like to share my opinion with you (and I’d love to hear yours too!).

Frugal Bloggers write to help their readers save money. Retailers don’t always like the help that Frugal Bloggers give their readers. It’s a […]


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Facebook Tip: Learn to Spot the Spammy Apps

Look for these red flags that tell you an application on Facebook is likely going to spam your friends for you. It’s so easy to think these “look official” because they use brand names and high-quality graphics to make you think the offer comes directly from the company. I’ve learned this from first-hand experience, it’s easy to be fooled but you have to learn from the experience. If you accidentally approve a spammy app, […]


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Facebook Tip: Remove Applications You’ve Allowed

Freebies and coupons available through Facebook are increasingly popular ways of promoting products. But they often require that you “allow” an application in order to access the form for the free sample request or coupon. So I want to show you how to remove that access, and why it’s usually safe to grant access in the first place.

Each application is slightly different, but you will see what type of access […]


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FAQ: How do I enter a giveaway?


Christina asked: “I just wanted to ask you because it’s so simple to enter your giveaways compared to some of the other ones I have entered. I want to make sure I am doing it right. You just enter on that page one time and no extra comments needed right ? Its so easy and simple and I don’t want to miss out on this contest.

Yes, I keep it simple on purpose.  I only accept one entry per […]


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FAQ: How do I leave a comment?

It’s easy to leave a comment on my blog Freebies 4 Mom by following these simple instructions:

1.  Click on “Leave a Comment” just below the post title (on the far right)

2.  Scroll down to the comment form and type in:

Your Name (first name or nickname)

Your Email Address (only I can view this, it will not be posted on my blog)

Your Website or Blog URL (if you have one)

Your […]


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