Be Careful of Free Trials

Be Careful of Free Trials

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I want to teach you more about Free Trials and explain why you should be careful of them. I’m sharing what I’ve learned based on my own experiences and my readers’ experiences. Of course I’d like to hear more of your stories and lessons learned, so please leave a comment!

What’s a Free Trial?  […]


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What Readers Say: Thanks for Updating Expired Posts

Expired“I appreciate that you stay current on freebies and mark the ones no longer valid as “expired”. It really helps!” -Christine

I like to keep my blog current and am constantly updating it. This is a challenge since I have over 9,000 published posts. So my goal is to update recent posts as I can. If I find out something has expired, then I update it. I don’t spend […]


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Freebie Tip: Know Your Time Zone

TimeIt’s helpful to know which time zone you’re in and how to translate the time from any other time zone to your own. Many time-sensitive giveaways start a specific time that is announced ahead of time. I live in the Central Time Zone which is why I usually list the start times as Central Time. But I try to remember to include the Eastern, Mountain, […]


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Freebie Tip: Was Your Freebie Damaged or Missing?

Did you know that many companies will offer you Customer Service assistance on the free samples that they send you? Do you know what to do when you receive a free sample that arrives in your mailbox damaged or missing from the box? Companies that seek to exceed in the area of customer satisfaction will usually go above and beyond in responding to their customer’s requests, even for […]


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*Expired* Purex Insiders Accepting Applications

Do you have a blog or actively use social media like Facebook and Twitter? You can apply to be a Purex Insider. Shannon just got accepted and reminded me about this program.  If accepted, you will receive a welcome package, get to test free samples before products hit the shelves, share your opinion on Purex products, and possibly be featured on or in their newsletter.



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Be An Empowered Consumer

Be an empowered consumer by learning as much as you can about coupons, free samples, store policies, and manufacturer policies. It’s all about standing up for yourself and it might just save you some money! I’ve blogged about several topics that relate to this theme, here is a summary of those.

You Have the Right to Use Your Coupons @Target and @Walmart:
Know the store policies and follow-up with corporate if you believe […]


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Getting more for FREE

Love getting things for free? Me too! Be sure to read my guest post over at Frugal Hacks called “My 10 Favorite Ways to Get Things for FREE“. Please share your favorite ways to get things for free by leaving a comment on Frugal Hacks or here.

Have a blog that leans in the frugal direction? Join me in an inspirational community by becoming a Frugal Hacker!

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Donating Freebies

Money Saving Mom has an excellent post about “Donating Extras” that I encourage you to read. I also wanted to share with you what I did this morning. I hauled a car full of baby gear, toys, and clothing to a new local charity that I found out about by reading our local newspaper. I also put together a big bag of free samples and cleaned out my cupboards of extra goodies from my shopping trips […]


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