AmazonSorry, no longer available but see more free music on Freebies 4 Mom. It’s easy to get a song for 5 cents on Amazon when you share your favorite song on Facebook. Just type in your song like this “Skyfall by Adele”. Then you can uncheck the box if you don’t want to subscribe to the weekly Amazon MP3 newsletter. Next click the blue “Share & Claim” button and “Go to app” on Facebook. You now need to sign-in to your Amazon account. You’ll see your credit appear and you can go spend it on any song priced at $1.29 or less (you will pay only 5 cents for one song). Wednesday, October 10 is the last day to redeem this credit!

I just bought Skyfall by Adele (in case you’re wondering which song I’m investing 5 cents in). Which song did you buy? Thanks goes to Deal Seeking Mom for sharing. This post contains affiliate links,  please visit my Disclosure Policy.

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