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Turkey Cookies using Nutter Butter and OREO cookies
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I’m sharing these fun Thanksgiving recipes and table settings with you again (originally published Nov. 17, 2016).

I wanted to share with you my Turkey Cookies, Thanksgiving Place Cards and Sunflower Candy Dishes that I made to get ready for Thanksgiving. I shopped for Thanksgiving recipe ingredients, home décor and serving dishes at Family Dollar and saved $6.50 by using Smart Coupons. Sign-up for Smart Coupons, digital coupons that you access by entering your phone number into the keypad at the register. You’ll find a wide selection of over 130 coupons with values ranging from $0.25 to $5.00. Take advantage of the newest way to save at Family Dollar by using Smart Coupons!

Save Hundreds with Smart Coupons at Family Dollar

Have you signed up for Smart Coupons at Family Dollar? I love saving money at Family Dollar without using a loyalty card. I just clip my coupons, email them to myself so I have a printable list, then go shopping at Family Dollar where I enter my phone number into the keypad at the register.  I love that Family Dollar issues a wide variety of high-value coupons. Be on the lookout for coupons valid on any purchase! You should check the Family Dollar site on a regular basis for the most up to date offers as they change frequently.

Shop for Thanksgiving at Family Dollar

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I saved $6.50 by clipping Smart Coupons for my Family Dollar shopping trip. My savings included a $5 off $25+ coupon on any purchase, a Lemonheads coupon, and a Russell Stover coupon. Please check the Family Dollar website for the current Smart Coupons. With over 130 coupons to choose from, you’re sure to find a few coupons that you can use!

I also browsed the Weekly Deals at Family Dollar to see the price drops and help me make my shopping list. I was impressed with the selection of Thanksgiving décor, serving ware and candy. Many of the Thanksgiving décor products I looked at were priced at $1 WOW (which is a very good price!). Be sure to take advantage of other ways to save at Family Dollar including weekly deals and $1 WOW prices. Please note that prices vary by location. What will you buy at Family Dollar to decorate your Thanksgiving table?

If you’ve got a Family Dollar store near you, I encourage you to sign-up for Smart Coupons today:

Step 1Click the red “Sign Up” button or text SMART to 28767

Step 2 – Enter your email address, password, name and phone number. Then click on the red “Sign Up” button.

Step 3 – Click on the red “Start Clipping” button

Step 4 – Click on the coupons you want to add to your account.

Step 5 – Print your shopping list and head to Family Dollar! Enter your phone number into the keypad at the register.

Turkey Cookies made with Nutter Butter and OREO cookies

I had a blast making Turkey Cookies from Nutter Butter cookies and Golden OREOs. They are easy to make and your kids can help make them! This is an “assembly only” recipe, so no baking is involved! Here are the instructions to make them:


Ingredients Needed:

  • Golden OREO cookies
  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • Candy Eyes
  • Candy Corn
  • Orange Frosting
  • Red Frosting
  • White Frosting

Step 1 – Secure the Golden OREO cookie to the Nutter Butter cookie with a generous dab of white frosting so that the top of the Nutter Butter cookie touches the middle of the Golden OREO cookie

Step 2 – Secure both eyes to the Nutter Butter cookie using a very small dab of white frosting

Step 3 – Secure one orange Reese’s Pieces with orange frosting below the eyes

Step 4 – Apply red frosting for the turkey gizzard using a Wilton 16 frosting tip (small star shaped)

Step 5 – Secure 5 candy corns to the Golden OREO for feathers by applying a dab of white frosting to the yellow tip of each candy corn

Step 6 – Let your Turkey Cookies set to dry for at least an hour to secure all the pieces to the cookies

Thanksgiving Place Cards from Family Dollar

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Next I made Thanksgiving Place Cards for our table setting. I found these adorable toothpick holders and I knew I could easily turn them into Thanksgiving Place Cards. I loved that I could get different ones for different people. Here are the instructions on how to make them:


Supplies Needed:

  • Thanksgiving Toothpick Holders
  • Plastic Pencil Grips (or small pieces of foam)
  • Black Chalkboard Stickers
  • Orange Cardstock
  • White Chalk
  • Tootsie Pops
  • Tape

Step 1 – Write names with white chalk on the black chalkboard stickers

Step 2 – Place stickers on orange cardstock and then cut around them

Step 3 – Secure names to Tootsie Pop with a long piece of tape

Step 4 – Stick a plastic pencil grip (or small piece of foam) inside an empty Thanksgiving Toothpick Holder

Step 5 – Place Tootsie Pop inside plastic pencil grip (or stick into small piece of foam) and then tape so the Tootsie Pop will not rotate

Step 6 – Set at each place setting for your Thanksgiving Table so everyone knows where they are sitting

How to make Thanksgiving Place Cards from Family Dollar
Thanksgiving Candy Dishes made from Family Dollar

While I was shopping at Family Dollar, I also picked up these fall leaf tealight candle holders. I made them into Thanksgiving Candy Dishes by placing lemon drops in them with one whopper in the middle. They remind me of my favorite flower, a sunflower, and it’s a nice sweet treat for your Thanksgiving guests.

Turkey Cookies from Family Dollar

Thanksgiving Serving Dishes from Family Dollar

I love the serving dishes they have at Family Dollar for Thanksgiving. I bought turkey and pumpkin serving dishes for my Thanksgiving Table at super affordable prices.

Thanksgiving Place Setting from Family Dollar

Here’s what my Thanksgiving Place Setting looks like. I liked putting the Turkey Cookie on the dinner plate, the Thanksgiving Place Card near the glass and the Thanksgiving Candy Dish near the salad plate. In the background you can see my DIY Fall Centerpiece that I made with home décor I found at Family Dollar.

Thanksgiving Place Setting from Family Dollar

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Remember to clip your Smart Coupons for Family Dollar so you’re ready to save money too! All you have to do to apply your coupons to your purchase is to enter your phone number into the keypad at the register. It’s a smart money-saving move to help you prepare for Thanksgiving!

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Thankful Sunflower Thanksgiving Craft

by Freebies4Mom on November 2, 2017 12:02 pm

Thankful Sunflower

Thankful Sunflower Thanksgiving Craft
There are lots of Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts, but I wanted to create a Sunflower Thanksgiving Craft to display on my Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator with the assistance of  my kids (ages 5 and 7).  My goal was to create a craft project that uses what we already have and that would encourage my kids to think about what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. I love sunflowers so much I created a Sunflowers = Happiness Pinterest board. Speaking of Pinterest – please Pin this Sunflower Thanksgiving Craft!

What You’ll Need
Scissors, paper, tape, and a marker are all you’ll need for this project. Please don’t go out and buy paper for this project because even if you don’t have yellow, green, and brown paper you can always use white and ask your kids to color it! We used scrapbook paper that I already had because we really wanted this to be a GIANT Thankful Sunflower.

Cutting The Sunflower
Parents can freehand cut the Yellow Sunflower Petals, Green Leaves, Green Stem, and Brown Sunflower Center. Or supervise your kids while they cut out these components. I like my petals to all be slightly different shapes because it’s more realistic. I don’t want my Sunflower to look like a cookie cutter.

Assembling The Sunflower
Ask your kids to count the Sunflower Petals and help you arrange the flower on the table. I asked my kids to draw criss=cross lines on the Sunflower Center (because that’s what it looks like on my Mexican Talavera pottery) and to draw the veins on the leaves. It’s not time to tape anything because you want to write what you’re thankful for on the Sunflower Petals first.

What are you Thankful for?
Write “I Am Thankful For” on the center of your Sunflower. Asking your kids what they are thankful for is the funnest part. My kids wanted to list every single food that we have on the Thanksgiving table, but I only let them list two and then we moved onto people and other things. The very last petal of the sunflower says House on it and that is my favorite one because we are so thankful we have a house to live in.

Taping the Sunflower
First we took the Sunflower Center off and then taped the base of the yellow Sunflower Petals together. More tape to secure the stem and leaves and finally the center of the sunflower. Once all parts are connected to each other you can flip it over and put tape on the back to stick it to your refrigerator.

Display on Your Fridge
Display your Thankful Sunflower where your kids can see it and talk about it. We didn’t measure our Frigidaire door before creating our sunflower, so it hangs over the edges of the door a little. My kids love the Thankful Sunflower we created and want to show it off to anyone that visits our House (and we’re thankful for it!).


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FrigidaireWhile you’re on the Frigidaire Facebook page, you should send a fun Retro Cheer Card and make your friends laugh! There are 27 different cards to choose from – here’s my favorite:

Dessert for DinnerMy Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator saves me time by making cubed and crushed ice using filtered tap water. I used to make my own ice, and buy bottled water to make it with. What am I using the extra time my Frigidaire saves me? I’m using it to do creative and educational projects with my kids, like this Thankful Sunflower Thanksgiving Craft.

This post is sponsored by Frigidaire and I received compensation for it. Please visit my Disclosure Policy.


Free Boo-It-Yourself Trick-or-Treat Bags using Pillowcases

by Freebies4Mom on October 5, 2017 12:01 pm

Free Boo-It-Yourself Trick or Treat Bags

Make your own fun, boo-it-yourself trick-or-treat bag with these simple instructions! The “Mattress Monsters Face” pillowcase activity includes a template that can be printed and used to make trick-or-treat bags out of pillowcases! There are three mattress monsters you and your child can make – “Mummy, Wake Up!,” “Back-to-Bed-O-Lantern,” and “Time to Ghost to Bed.” These are an inexpensive way for parents to create original trick-or-treat bags and recycle their used pillowcases.


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Halloween Ideas on Pinterest

by Freebies4Mom on October 3, 2017 12:04 pm

I want to share my Halloween Board on Pinterest with you to help you find creative ideas for snacks, treats, costumes, decorations, and more!












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   This is my personal story about my own experience and should not be construed as medical advice in any way.

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If you have fibroids (or know someone who does) you should read my personal story!

I’m sharing my personal story because I realize that very few women know about Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) and not many OBGYNs recommend it for their patients who are suffering from fibroids. I want to raise awareness about UAE because I am one of the millions of women (up to 80% of women will develop fibroids) who was suffering from fibroids (at the age of 40). Fibroids are under-researched because they don’t cause problems for most women. Doctors still don’t fully understand how fibroids develop.

My fibroids symptoms were debilitating and affecting my quality of life. I experienced constant bleeding, pain and my tummy got so big it was like I was 4 months pregnant! I had to do something about them! Needless to say, I was miserable and in that physical and mental state it was challenging for me to see a good solution to my fibroids. I didn’t like the hysterectomy option because it seemed too radical of a treatment to me. Luckily I did my own research and discovered Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) which shrank my fibroids enough so that I no longer suffer from any any fibroids symptoms. I am happy to be living pain free again!

What are fibroids?

Fibroids are defined as benign smooth muscle tumors of the uterus. My fibroids were so large that my uterus was the size of a woman who was 4 months pregnant. Fibroids are usually not a problem unless they get too large because they are benign tumors. But when they get large they can cause excessive and constant bleeding, pain, digestive and urinary problems and other issues.

Surgeons team standing above of the patient before surgery with equipment , selective focus on hand

How I avoided a hysterectomy

My OBGYN recommended a hysterectomy because my fibroids were so large. I was determined to fully explore alternatives to a hysterectomy because I wanted to avoid major surgery if possible. it just seemed liked there must be a way to shrink the fibroids. I tried herbal supplements and acupuncture, but they didn’t help enough. I discovered uterine artery embolization (UAE) and through my own research found a doctor in Houston who does it.

I want to emphasize that I found a doctor who did UAE on my own, I did not receive any encouragement or assistance from my OBGYN. This is important to note, because in this case I believe my doctor was not acting in my own best interests. My doctor may not have known much about UAE, or she may have been motivated to collect her fee for performing a hysterectomy rather than send me to a different doctor for treatment. Be aware that doctors can be motivated by money, just like any other human being.

Please remember that you always have to be your own health advocate, because your doctor may not always be acting in your best interests. That’s why doing your own research and consulting other doctors for second opinions is so important. I actually got second opinions from two other OBGYNs and they both recommended a hysterectomy. I was not surprised because as doctors they are trained to heal by removal.

Multi-Ethnic Group of Diverse People Holding Letters To Form A Health

What is a UAE?

Fibroids grow because they have a blood supply, so the UAE cuts off their blood supply by injecting a sand-like material into the uterine arteries. Before your doctor can determine if you are a good candidate for a UAE, they need an MRI to help them determine which stage of growth your fibroids are in. I actually had two MRI’s because the first one was done incorrectly. For the second MRI I went to an imaging office that my doctor doing the UAE recommended. My first MRI was done at the hospital where my OBGYN practiced. I believe my first MRI was done incorrectly due to poor staff training.

What is the recovery from UAE like?

A small incision is made for the UAE, but it didn’t bother me at all. Recovery from a UAE is extremely painful because when the blood supply is cutoff from the fibroids they will start contracting. After my UAE I spent the night in the hospital for pain management. The pain when you are recovering from a UAE is severe and it was definitely the worst pain I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve had two c-sections). I was sent home with pain medication but only took it for three days. I was able to return to work six days after my UAE.

Pain Management 630My personal warning about pain medication

Pain management is the hardest part of recovering from a UAE. I was on a morphine drip in the hospital for 24 hours, then given prescription pain medication to take at home. After one day at home I found that my pain was increasing, so I called my doctor and got a prescription for stronger pain medication. This helped me with my pain but I was very concerned about the effects the pain medication was having on both my body and my mind.

You see I didn’t just feel like I was recovering from minor surgery, I felt more like a zombie. I had no desire to do anything – not watch TV or read books or do crafts. This is highly unusual for me, to just want to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing. So I stopped taking pain medication cold turkey three days after going home. I did not stop taking the pain medication because I felt no pain, I stopped taking it because I was worried about the effects of the pain medication and I wanted to see how I would feel without medication.

I was surprised to find out that after my last dose of pain medication wore off – I had no pain!!! That’s right – I was pain free. I didn’t feel normal, but I didn’t feel like I needed strong pain medication.

The lesson I learned from my experience is that you want to take as little pain medication as possible and that you need to be aware that pain medication can have negative mental and physical effects. I felt that as long as I was taking the pain medication, I was going to feel like I was in pain. I was never going to feel “normal” while taking the pain medication. In fact, I didn’t feel normal until about one month after my UAE. I truly believe that this was because my body was detoxing from the strong pain medication I was on.

Portrait an unknown male doctor holding a stethoscope

How to find a doctor who specializes in UAE

In order to find a doctor who is experienced with UAE you first need to know what type of doctor to search for. You will find the right doctor under the category of:  Vascular and Interventional Radiology. Then you have to call each office and ask them if they do UAE because many vascular and interventional radiologists don’t do UAE.

Which doctor to see in Houston, Texas

If you live near Houston, I highly recommend Dr. Syed Raza at Premeir Vein and Vascular Center with offices in Houston (near Katy) and Cypress. I was impressed with how professional his staff were and with how quickly I was able to schedule my appointments and schedule my UAE. I felt like the procedure and recovery were well explained to me and I felt very comfortable with everything. My UAE was successful thanks to Dr. Raza and his staff. I am eternally grateful to them for helping me achieve better health and avoid major surgery.


If you suffer from fibroids, I wish you the best of luck in your journey of healing! I hope that by sharing my personal story I helped you understand UAE as another treatment option that is available.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment with your experience living with fibroids or about a time when you had to be your own health advocate.


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