🥳Swagbucks: Halloween Swago Game

Play the new SWAGO game on Swagbucks (through October 27) to earn up to a 500 SB bonus. You can see the progress I’ve made so far on my SWAGO board above! Here are a few tips of mine for playing SWAGO:

Tip 1 – Join SWAGO. It’s in the left menu under “Promotions”. Click on it to join.

Tip 2 – Click on every square that says “Visit”. This […]

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🎢Disney Movie Insiders 5 points

🎢Disney Movie Insiders 10 pointsLogin to your account and claim your free monthly 25 Bonus Points from Disney Movie Insiders. After you login enter the new code SWEETS (5 points). These points expire Oct. 31.

Previous codes posted:

AVENGERSASSEMBLE (20 points) posted 10/16, expires 10/31

MARVELMANIA (20 points) posted 10/15, expires 10/31

CANDYCORN (5 points) posted 10/14

PUMPKINPIE (12 points) […]

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🐱Free eBook: Magical Cool Cat Mysteries Volume 5

🐱Free eBook: Magical Cool Cat Mysteries Volume 5

Enjoy this free eBook boxed set by Mary Matthews (normally $2.99) only through October 21. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps.

Magical Cool Cat Mysteries Boxed Set Volume 5 $0.00

by Mary Matthews

“The Fur Flies Again : Romantic fun – loving 1920s detectives , Grace and Jack, and their awesome […]

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