How to get coupons on prescription medication

senior-discounts-on-prescription-drugsI love this coupon tip from Coupon Dad!!! Based on personal experience, they tell you how to search for a coupon on your prescription medication. Sometimes the manufacturer of the medication offers a coupon or discount program. Just Google “Co-Pay Coupon Card NAME OF MEDICATION” to see if you can find a coupon or discount program for your medication. Or visit the website of the company that manufactures the medication.

Here’s Coupon […]

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3 Places to Look for Coupons for your Favorite Brand

CouponsLet’s say you have a favorite brand that you buy on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a money-saving coupon for your favorite brand?

Here are 4 places to check for coupons:

1. Brand Website

This is an obvious place to check, but since brands change their website every single day there might just be a new coupon featured! Look for the following sections to find a coupon: “Special Offers” or […]

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