senior-discounts-on-prescription-drugsI love this coupon tip from Coupon Dad!!! Based on personal experience, they tell you how to search for a coupon on your prescription medication. Sometimes the manufacturer of the medication offers a coupon or discount program. Just Google “Co-Pay Coupon Card NAME OF MEDICATION” to see if you can find a coupon or discount program for your medication. Or visit the website of the company that manufactures the medication.

Here’s Coupon Dad’s personal story:

“My medicine that treats my illness is $15,000 per month. Of course, we have insurance and I have to pay my deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, before it covers anything, which is $2750.

I went to pay a portion of my bill, I was already at the hospital, and the lady say, “Mrs. Gaddy, you don’t have the Remicaid MasterCard?”. I said, “no”. I thought it was like Target and they were offering me Redcard. No, the maker of the drug pays up to $20,000 for my drug. So that means, since I get this every month, the drug company basically pays my out of pocket maximum and for the rest of the year I don’t pay a dime. Medicines, copays, not a dime.

Now these past couple weeks, haven’t gotten my infusion yet, I needed refills. My portion of one of them was $400. I went online Lyrica does it too. I paid $50 instead. I searched online for a $50 inhaler. I paid $10.

Now there may not be a program for every medicine, but it’s worth the two second it takes to search on Google.

They are usually called “Co-Pay Coupon Card” or something along those lines. You have to have regular insurance to get them. Can’t have Medicaid and Medicare. They are usually good for a calendar year then you have to reapply.

Just want to let you all know about the blessing that we had. I cried when I found this out!

Of course I’d love to hear your tips on how to save money on prescription medication. Please leave a comment!