💸The Importance of Life InsuranceLife is precious, and the best thing we can do for our family is plan for the future. As parents, life insurance helps us plan for the future by making sure that necessary expenses are covered if anything should happen to us. I will admit that I didn’t fully understand the importance of life insurance until I lost one of my friends suddenly. He left behind a family who suddenly had no source of income, but he also left them life insurance which they could use to help them deal with urgent expenses as they dealt with his tragic passing.

The loss of my friend made me want to review our own life insurance to make sure it was adequate and to finally get a will. Luckily my husband had just received his license to sell life insurance, so he was able to review our policy and identify any areas of our finances where we could improve in order to plan for the future.

Although we determined we had adequate life insurance policies, we wanted to do more for our children to help them start their adult lives on a good financial footing. That’s when we discovered an insurance product called Indexed Universal Life (IUL). We were excited that we could start an IUL for each of our children and that they would have access to it for anything they needed (like buying their first home) by taking out an interest-free loan from their IUL. I wanted to share my personal experience because I realize that many moms have never heard of an IUL (I literally first heard of it this year). It’s not widely covered in the news, but it’s an important financial vehicle that we as parents or grandparents can use to help ensure a bright future for our children or grandchildren.

My husband is an independent insurance agent, which means he works for you to find the best policy for whatever price you can afford. He’s not trying to sell specific products, rather he’s trying to help people get the type of insurance they need at a price they can afford. If you are interested in learning more about life insurance, Indexed Universal Life insurance or other types of insurance please contact Nick Hernandez at Tomball FFL.com.

And feel free to share your own stories about life insurance in the comments. We can learn so much by sharing our experiences!

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