✂️DIY Face Mask Resources: Sew, No-Sew, Hacks & more

In Houston I am watching positive cases rapidly rise and wearing a face mask in pubilc is required by my county so I wanted to share these resources with you again. You can make your own face mask (even if you don’t have a sewing machine)! Please share this post with friends, I hope it is a useful resource.

DIY Face Mask Resources

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✂️DIY Face Masks: Fabrics & Filters

✂️DIY Face Masks: Fabrics & FiltersI like this post by Jennifer Maker that helps you determine the best fabric for your DIY Face Mask and it also talks about filter fabrics. After reading it, I decided to switch from using a 30 MERV air filter as filter fabric to using fabric-like reusable grocery bags. I’m simply cutting up the resuable grocery bags I have and inserting them into […]

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✂️How to make a Face Mask with Brother ScanNCut

My friend Jeanne published a video on how to cut a face mask to sew using a Brother ScanNCut. I know some of my readers may have a Brother ScanNCut so I wanted to share this video! Jeanne also shows you how to use elastic hair ties to secure your face mask. It’s a creative way to get around the current elastic shortage.

Prep4Mom […]

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✂️How to make a Face Mask with Elastic Hair Ties

✂️How to make a Face Mask with Elastic Hair TiesMy friend JojoSews just published a video on how to sew a face mask using elastic hair ties. During the first half of the video she shows you how to embroider the mask using a Brother SE625. But you should watch even if you don’t have an embroidery machine because during the second half of the video she shows […]

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✂️How to make Bias Tape to use as Face Mask Ties

Learn how to make bias tape using fabric in this video that my friend Melinda shared with me. It’s a great alternative to elastic or ribbon to secure your handmade face mask. It’s simply a matter of cutting your fabric, ironing it and then sewing it!

I made my first face mask using this face mask pattern with a filter pocket and I tried […]

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✂️How to make a No-Sew Face Mask with Hair Ties

✂️How to make a No-Sew Face MaskI wanted to share this video on how to make a no-sew pleated face mask. It’s a great option to offer you some protection while in public when you don’t have any other mask alternatives. Thanks goes to the Lash family for sharing!

If you have a sewing machine, try the face mask with filter pocket pattern that I’m […]

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✂️Free Face Mask Pattern with Filter Pocket

Get a free face mask pattern with filter pocket to use as the next best option if you do not have an N95 mask or to sew face masks to donate (JOANN is accepting donations at all locations). I am using this pattern to make face masks for my family so we can wear them when we do need to go out in public. I like the design […]

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