Get a free face mask pattern with filter pocket to use as the next best option if you do not have an N95 mask or to sew face masks to donate (JOANN is accepting donations at all locations). I am using this pattern to make face masks for my family so we can wear them when we do need to go out in public. I like the design that Jennifer Maker created with the help of her brother who works at a hospital.

I wanted to share a few tips on how I’m gathering the materials I need for this sewing project:

  • Cotton Fabric (I placed a pick-up order at JOANN but after a frustrating experience trying to actually pick it up I recommend placing an online order for fabric, alternatively you can use cotton tablecloths as your fabric)
  • Bendable Metal Nosepiece (I’m using twist ties coated in plastic that I had saved from packages of trash bags)
  • Ties (use ribbon, bias tape or make your own bias tape from fabric, I tried using elastic and did not like the way my mask fit so I concluded that ties are better because they give a more secure fit and they are adjustable)
  • Filter Fabric rated 13 MERV (only high quality air filters will filter out virus particles and have a rating of 13 MERV, I placed an order online from Amazon)

Thanks goes to Melinda for sharing and helping me figure out how to source the materials! I’ll be publishing a future post about how to disinfect your fabric face mask.

What other free resources do you know of that you want to share? Please leave a comment!

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