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Gone are the days when I’m running to the store last-minute to buy ink cartridges because I just ran out of ink. I subscribed to HP Instant Ink to save money on ink, let my printer order ink when it needs it, and save myself from ever having another ink emergency. I love that I can now spread out my ink expense to an affordable monthly fee, and that I never have to worry about how much ink I’m using because I pay per printed page. This helps me fully enjoy the benefits of having a high-quality color printer so I can print photos without worrying about running out of ink!

Free Printable Bookmarks

Speaking of photos, I used my favorite photographs that I’ve taken of natural settings and turned them into free printable bookmarks with inspirational quotes for you to print and enjoy. I added quotes to each bookmark and a link to the free eBooks I post on I hope you’ll enjoy these bookmarks and start using them to mark your place in magazines and books. Another advantage to using HP Instant Ink is that you can print full-color photos without worrying about how much color ink you’re using because you pay the same low flat-rate price per printed page. Download my free printable bookmarks so you’re ready to print them!

What other types of free printables would you like me to make for you?

Free Printable Bookmarks with Inspirational Quotes

My New HP Printer

I printed my bookmarks on my new HP Officejet Pro 8610, it’s one of the select HP Printers that qualify for the HP Instant Ink program. My photos have come to life and the quality is amazing when printed on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper (soft gloss) which is instantly dry. I did need to purchase a new printer (HP provided it for my post) in order to enroll in HP Instant Ink, but it was a much-needed upgrade since I use my printer every day and need reliable printing, scanning, copying and faxing capabilities in order to run my business. It was easy to enroll in HP Instant Ink and I was thrilled that I also got 1 month free of HP Instant Ink with the purchase of my new printer (when you enroll within 7 days). Not only am I saving up to 50% on ink, but my printer is now smart enough to order ink for me!

HP Officejet Pro 8610 PrinterMy Monthly HP Instant Ink Plan

I don’t have to worry about a large bill if my printer needs to order all four cartridges at one time because I’m controlling my ink costs by paying an affordable monthly fee based on the number of pages I print. There are three different HP Instant Ink monthly plans to choose from:  $2.99 per month for 50 pages, $4.99 per month for 100 pages and $9.99 per month for 300 pages. There is no annual fee and you can change or cancel your plan at any time. I use my printer every day for my home-based business, so I enrolled in the $9.99 per month Plan (which covers printing 300 pages).

If I print less than 300 pages, then I’ll get a page credit to apply towards next month. If I print more than 300 pages, I’ll pay a little extra for those extra pages ($1.00 for each additional 25 pages). I enrolled in my plan when I setup my new printer. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get credit for my 1 free month included with my printer, because I has also purchased my 1st month enrollment card. But of course I had nothing to worry about, because HP already thought of this and I was able to enroll with 2 months already paid for. As a business owner, I love being able to predict how much money I’ll spend on ink every month and the reassurance that I won’t waste any time on buying ink!

Save up to 50% on ink and let your printer order it!Order, Print, Recycle, Repeat

Included with the HP Officejet Pro 8610 printer are setup ink cartridges. Once you’re enrolled in HP Instant Ink, your page counts don’t begin until you have the special HP Instant Ink cartridges installed in your printer. This works out perfectly so you can start the money-saving ink program whenever you want to. When you receive your HP Instant Ink cartridges in the mail you’ll get a “Welcome” note with instructions and information on it. They tell you why your new ink cartridges are special (they have more ink in them than standard HP cartridges) and they remind you that you will only receive a new shipment of ink when your printer is getting close to needing new ink. You will need to keep your printer connected to the internet so it can communicate ink needs and pages printed to HP.

You can always visit to check your page count to see where you’re at in “spending” your monthly page budget. Included with your new ink cartridges is a postage-paid recycling envelope so that you can mail back any used cartridges to be recycled and used to manufacture new HP cartridges. HP really thought of all the details in this program and tailored it to be a true money saver and time saver for their customers!

Thanks for letting me introduce you to HP Instant Ink and please take a moment to pin my Free Printable Bookmarks!

Free Printable BookmarksTry HP Instant Ink starting at $4.99/month

I want you to save money on ink and avoid ink emergencies too! I encourage you to shop HP Printers that qualify for HP Instant Ink. There are six printer options starting at an affordable $79.99 for the HP Envy 4500. I’ve been using HP Printers since I started my blog in 2007 and they just keep on getting better!

Ever had an ink emergency? How can HP Instant Ink help you avoid them? Please leave a comment below!

This post is sponsored by HP and I received a printer and compensation for it, but all opinions expressed are my own. Please visit my Disclosure Policy.