My boys love Baby Einstein, so we were thrilled to get to sample for free the new Baby’s First Moves DVD thanks to Mom Central and The Baby Einstein Company. We are big fans of Baby Einstein movies, music, toys, puppets, clothes, and books in our household. It is wonderful that Baby Einstein has started a Parent-Child Interaction campaign to help encourage a more interactive approach to watching movies with your children.

I watched Baby’s First Moves with my two sons (15 months and almost 3 yrs) and we all had a fun experience. I got out the Baby Einstein books and puppets beforehand so that we all could play with them as we watched the movie. As we were watching it I thought about how the Baby Einstein movies are really more like playtime guides because children most likely will not sit down and watch the entire movie, they will move around and play during the movie. My oldest son got a big kick out of seeing his favorite Baby Einstein puppets from other movies, and was really interested in repeating some of the action moves featured. Actually we ended up playing a big game of “copycat” because I would copy the action move featured on the movie, then my oldest son would be highly motivated to copy me, and then my youngest son would sometimes copy his big brother. It was fun to hear my oldest son use some new words (like “reach”) and new phrases (like “touch your nose”).

Update (9 pm): Valery is my lucky (and randomly chosen) winner of this giveaway! We definitely had a fun and interactive experience watching Baby’s First Moves, and that is why I am giving away my gently used copy to one of my lucky readers. Don’t tell my son, because I guarantee he’ll be requesting this movie for several days by name. Email me your mailing address before 9:00 pm CST today (Thursday, Feb. 28) and you will be entered in this giveaway. I’ll announce the randomly selected winner late tonight! And don’t miss Oral-B Stages “First Steps to a Healthy Smile” $5 Mail-In Coupon offer to save money on your next Baby Einstein DVD purchase.