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Burn For Me (Book 3 of All I Want)  $0.00

by Lea Coll

“We went from working on opposite sides of the courtroom to working for the same law firm. Working together reveals a whole new side to Logan Gray. Is he playing me or is he not the man I thought he was?

Now we’re in competition for the same promotion and nothing will stand in my way…not his sparkling blue eyes, cocky smirk, or those dimples.

He says I’m a challenge he can’t resist. The problem is…he’s gorgeous, charming, and irresistible…and he knows it.

Underneath the charming façade, Logan is a man I could fall for. As I get closer to him, I feel like I’m playing with fire and I’m going to get burned.

When the lines between us are blurred, are we competing for a job or each other’s hearts?

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