Thanks to the sponsorship of Buzzillions, I hosted a giveaway for $25 cash for two of my lucky readers to win. I’ve got to say thank you to the 130 readers who entered my Buzzillions Cash Giveaway. Wow – chances were great to win this one since it required that you give a little feedback in order to enter. The randomly selected winners, compliments of are listed below.

#50 Heather won $25 cash, she searched for the Elmo Live Doll

#31 Anissa won $25 cash, she searched for Play Kitchens

How do you know if you won? I just share the winner’s first name and product they searched for here, but I sent the winner an email (if I could view their email address in their profile). You’ve got to send me an email if you see your name and the product you left a comment about. I need to receive a response from the winners within 48 hours. If I don’t hear from a winner within that time frame, I will draw a new winner.

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