*Expired* šŸ’—Free Romance eBook: Catching Cassidy ($4.99 Value)

Free Romance eBook: Catching Cassidy ($4.99 Value)

This free eBook is no longer available but youā€™ll findĀ more free eBooksĀ here.

Enjoy this free romanceĀ eBookĀ (normally $4.99) by Melissa FosterĀ only for a limited time. Scroll down and click on the “Amazon” button. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps.

Catching CassidyĀ $0.00

byĀ Melissa Foster

My summer plans didnā€™t include falling for my best friend
I never imagined that instead of celebrating my college graduation and spending the summer in Harborside partying with my friends, my twin sister and I would be dealing with the death of our parents and taking over their bar.
Iā€™ve never been one to think past tomorrow. How am I supposed to run a freaking bar?
Now more than ever, I need my best friend, Cassidy, by my side.
The trouble is, the more weā€™re together, the more I want to kiss her, and when I do, I wonā€™t want to stop there.

A summer of grief, growing up, andā€¦losing my best friend?
Wyatt has always been there for me, helping me pass my classes and fending off unwanted advances, while driving me insane with his one-night stands.
But that’s what best friends are for, isn’t it?
Having each other’s backs, no matter what?
There was never any doubt that Iā€™d remain by his side all summer, but I didnā€™t expect to start seeing the six-two, infuriatingly-handsome, shameless flirt as more than a friend.
He may be a sure thing for the summer, but I need more.
Iā€™ve got a real job in another city to begin in the fall, and I wonā€™t give up my future, or my heart, for a summer fling.”

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