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Clean Bathroom Routines with $2.00 Cottonelle® CouponWhich Bathroom Routines make you feel CLEAN?  #LetsTalkBums

Do you like to feel clean? I know I do! There’s nothing like the clean feeling of being fresh out the shower! But the reality is that we can’t always take a shower when we want to – and that’s why it’s refreshing to have bathroom routines that make us feel cleaner! Here are a few supplies I keep in my bathrooms to support my CLEAN routines:

I keep Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Cottonelle® Clean Care Toilet Paper handy at each toilet in our house. I make it easy for my kids or hubby to replace the roll or restock the cleansing cloths by keeping extra rolls and refills handy in each bathroom. I love the easy OneTouch dispensing tub available for the cleansing cloths and I set it on top of each toilet. Be sure to print your toilet paper coupon to save money on your next purchase!

I keep toilet cleaning supplies in every bathroom. I like my bathroom to be clean because it helps me feel cleaner! So cleaning the toilet is easy for anyone to do (even guests) because everything you need is stocked in each bathroom.

I keep disposable beauty products on the counter of every bathroom. Kleenex, Q-tips, cotton balls and paper cups are always ready to use if you need them!

Now it’s your turn – Which Bathroom Routines make you feel CLEAN? Please leave a comment below!

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