Thanks to MomCentral and Cranium Bloom, I was given these free games to review. I got two Cranium Bloom games for ages 3 and up: Let’s Play Count & Cook Game and Let’s Go to the Zoo Seek & Find Puzzle.
I played the Let’s Go to the Zoo Seek & Find Puzzle with my oldest son (21 months old) to see what he thought of it. He enjoyed “helping” me match up the puzzle pieces, but I did all the matching since it is a 24-piece puzzle. I liked the artwork because it used realistic looking textures for the animals, this is not a cartoon-like image. When he saw the pen that comes with the puzzle, he went bizerk and started drawing on the table – so, he wasn’t ready for the “seek & find” feature of this puzzle. The “seek and find” feature is what makes this puzzle special, you have two booklets of objects to find in the puzzle, then you circle them with the erasable pen. When I compared the price to other 24-piece puzzles, it was in the same price range, so I do feel like the “seek and find” feature is a bonus that doesn’t add a lot to the price tag. You can buy Let’s Go to the Zoo Seek & Find Puzzle from Target for $9.99.
I sent the Let’s Play Count & Cook Game over to my neighbor’s house to play with her two girls (3 and 6 years old). This is a fun game because you collect ingredients for the recipes in the spiral-bound cookbook, but it definitely is geared towards the preschool set because of it’s simplicity. It’s a good game to practice counting, taking turns, and matching. One comment about how this game could be improved – make the Little Chefs stand up and stop falling over all the time! You can buy Let’s Play Count & Cook Game from Target for $12.99.
I am new to Cranium games, but I must say that based on my experience with these two games for toddlers, that I will be going back for more Cranium. You can read about all of their products on