Sweeps 4 Mom - Daily Entry SweepstakesRemember the Breakfast Project Sweepstakes that I told you to enter every day thru February 17 because there were 2,000 daily winners? It was one of those sweeps that I never won . . . or at least I didn’t think I won! One month after this sweepstakes ended I get an email in my inbox saying “Victory is Yours! Claim Your Milk“. So I won afterall? And all that daily entering paid off? WOO HOOO!!!!

So I have a new saying . . . Persistence is Fertile. Keep on entering those daily sweeps and don’t give up! Not every sweepstakes is an “instant win” giving you immediate notifcation that you won. And some that say they are “instant win” are not very instant (like this one). I was totally convinced that I didn’t win after getting the “Sorry, you are not a winner today” message every time I entered. But I was wrong, and now I’m saving up to $4.00 on milk!

Did you win the Breakfast Project Sweepstakes too?


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