Just a practical sample to request of Kotex Ultra Thin Ultra-Compact pads, that should come with coupons and ultra impress you. It’s one of those samples that is popping up all over the place (some offers have ended now) – maybe you will receive all of them, maybe you will receive one? I can’t claim to be able to decode this sampling bonanza, so I’ll just offer you the new links:

Update 5/13/08: I just got my free sample from Kroger! And it came with a $2 coupon, I just love it when I get coupons with my samples becuase even if I can’t use the coupon I will send it to The Coupon Exchange so someone else can use it. Also, that $1 printable coupon is a great one to take to Walmart for a free package of liners (16 ct.) – look near the travel section in the drugstore section.