Sorry, no longer available but see current Freebies by Mail at Freebies 4 Mom. How do you get a code for a free Target Beauty Bag by mail from Target that is offered during the month of March? One of my readers asked @Target, here’s their response:
@SplendidSummers – There are no specific items that will generate the code on your receipt for the Beauty Bag. Check Twitter for updates!


It appears that Target is randomly issuing codes on Target receipts. Has anyone received a code for a free Target Beauty Bag on their receipt?

Jamie said “Must be random, I bought pants for my daughter and baked Doritos and got one.

Anhuffin received a code too, she said All I got was water so I think it just randomly prints.”

Here’s a photo of what was inside my last Target Beauty Bag – lots of free samples plus Target coupons. Keep an eye out for a Catalina that might print for you at the Target register. I’m crossing my fingers that a few of my readers will get this free Target Beauty Bag!

Free Target Beauty Bag

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