You never know when a freebie will show up, and that’s why getting a Glade Apple Cinnamon Holiday Gift Pack in February is really no surprise. Except the “I don’t remember signing up for this” part is a surprise because I keep pretty good track of things I sign-up for. The note from Glade inside the package says “We thought you might enjoy extending your holidays with fragrance” so they acknowledge that they are sending it to my a little late for the holidays. Take a peak into my “FreeBox” (it’s my mailbox, but only filled with freebies, coupons and hot deals) and find out how to fill your mailbox with freebies:

Free Samples in your MailboxFREEBOX CHECK February 28: Glade Apple Cinnamon gift pack, Red Dress Pin, Magazines: Oprah, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Wedding

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