Save 25 cents per gallon on Gas at ShellGet a 25 cents per gallon sign-up bonus from Fuel Rewards Network™, a free program that gives you real savings at participating Shell stations! You’ll automatically save 3 cents per gallon just by using your FRN Card every time you get gas at a participating Shell stations – plus new members will get a bonus savings of 25 cents per gallon.

To qualify for the 25 cents per gallon discount, you must purchase at least 8 gallons of fuel on your first fill-up using your Fuel Rewards Network Card, while enjoying at least 3c/gal savings. Then, the 25c/gal will be credited to their account at your next fill up! You can earn bigger discounts by dining out, buying groceries, shopping online and even referring a friend! I’ll be highlighting all the ways to earn discounts soon.

I want to help you save even more money on gas by hosting Shell Gift Card Giveaways soon. If you’re already using the Fuel Rewards Network™, I’d love to hear how it’s helping you save money?

Save 3 cents per gallon on gas with Fuel Rewards Network

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