Thanks again to Jacque, my StrollerFit instructor, I have more great coupons to mail to my readers!

I have a ton of Earth’s Best Baby Food coupons (exp. 12/31/07):
Save $1 on any 10 jars
Save 55 cents on any cereal or teething biscuits
If you can use these coupons, you can e-mail me and I will be happy to mail some to you!
You can also print these coupons for Earth’s Best Baby Food:
Save $1 off 8 jars
Note: I am unable to print these coupons because for some reason my computer has issues with installing the SmartSource Coupon Printer software. If you find you have a similar problem, then you can let me know you want some coupons by mail.
If you buy Earth’s Best products, be sure to save your receipts and UPCs and check out their special promotions and offers for: Baby Body Care by Jason travel kit, “Guess How Much I Love You” book, The Birthday Keepsake Scroll, and Cereal Bowl.