I am not a gardener, but some of my readers are. I loved this example of indoor container gardening that Noelle just sent me:

I have a freebie after an initial one dollar investment at my local farm stand. I buy green onions and use what I want of them and save the little bulbs. I then plant them in a pot and put it in my window sill and I have fresh green onions for months. I trim what I need for my recipes and they just keep growing!
My son also loves to help put the bulbs in the pot. Its a great activity for kids because its like almost instant gratification since the onions can grow about a half inch over night. He was surprised when he saw the onions this morning!” -Noelle
Noelle was kind enough to send me a photo of her green onions and a photo of herself with a sunflower that she grew from some free sunflower seeds. Thanks for sharing, Noelle!
What are you growing for your family to eat?