Sweepstakes are games of chance where many will enter and few will win. Some of my readers have fun playing the daily “Sweeps 4 Mom” for a chance to win something. It is a commitment of your time to play sweepstakes and only you can determine if it’s worth your time to enter them. If you are easily frustrated, have an unrealistic expectation of winning on a regular basis, or you are simply short on time then I do not recommend playing the daily sweepstakes.  I post a variety of freebies, coupons and deals with the hope that you’ll find something that interested you. I help people win the sweeps simply by telling them which ones have the most or best prizes.  And I remind them to play daily just like I do.

Recently there was an amazing opportunity to win an XBox from Burger King and over 218 of my readers won.  I played every day, and even in the middle of the night on some days.  I did not win, but I had fun trying.  I’m not disappointed because I have a winning attitude:  “I will win a great prize eventually!”  I don’t know when, but as long as I’m having fun trying I will keep playing.  And of course I love to hear what you’re winning!  So when you feel frustrated or let down when you don’t win, please remember to have a winning attitude.

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