JingitYou’ll love the current Hot Deals, sorry you missed this deal. My readers are excited about earning money by watching Jingit ads, but I’m getting a lot of questions. Many of these questions can be answered in the Jingit FAQ’s, but here’s a question that I’d like to answer to help you sign-up for a Jingit Debit card without entering your Social Security Number.

QUESTION:  Do I have to enter my Social Security Number in order to get the Jingit Debit Card?

ANSWER: No, you should be able to enter all ZERO’s like this:  000-00-0000 and you’ll qualify for a Basic Jingit Account instead of a Jingit Plus Account.

Tip: You may need to enter those zero’s more than once – here’s what Heather M. said: ” I applied for a card last night and so did my husband it denied putting zero’s in for the social security number until the third try for both of us then accepted it. I’m not sure why that is but I guess third try was a charm. So the other readers might try that”

I didn’t know there were two types of Jingit Debit cards until I received the cardholder agreement with my Jingit card and I had a reader test my theory that you didn’t really have to enter your SSN (although it appears you do on the form). You can sign-up for a Basic Jingit Account instead of a Jingit Plus Account – the only difference is that with the Plus account you can make cash deposits and add funds by electronic deposit (neither which is necessary to spend the funds on your card where Visa is accepted). The reason they ask for your SSN for the Plus account is not to do a credit check (Jingit is not a credit card), but to help minimize fraud (prevent people for signing-up for more than one card).

Everyone who provides their name, address, email, phone, and date of birth should qualify for a Basic Jingit Account. I encourage you to read the Cardholder Agreement and the Fee Schedule when you receive your Jingit Debit card in the mail to understand the fees that may be associated with certain activities (like cash withdrawals). It’s easy to avoid fees because there is no monthly fee, and I’ll be writing a post about that next!

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