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Hoya Lenses is in the business of thinking about eyes and how to help you care for them. They create different lenses because we all have different needs.

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Have you had an eye exam within the last year? I have to admit that I haven’t even though I know I should. I spend most of my day on a computer and I know that sometimes my eyestrain causes headaches. There’s no reason why I should let my computer give me headaches! But the excuses kick-in that I’m too busy taking care of my kids to take care of myself. I have time to take my kids to get an eye exam, and I need to make time to go to my own eye exam. No more excuses! You can schedule an appointment with your Local Hoya Lenses Doctor to check your vision and find out what types of lenses can help you.

Hoya Lenses

Have you heard of Computer Vision Syndrome? It’s a new term for me too, but I’m learning how Hoya designs lenses specifically for computer users like me. It’s also interesting to learn that for some of Hoya’s product you don’t need a prescription. Can I get an anti-glare screen for my eyes? Learn more about vision care when you read the Hoya Blog.

Hoya Lenses is committed to the health of your eyes and comfort while performing your daily tasks. Your eye sight is precious and they know that and strive to create products that will only help you. By only being able to get your Hoya Lenses at a trained professionals office, they make sure that the lens you get is perfect, long lasting and exactly what you need.

In addition to the great working of the lenses, Hoya also knows that day to day life can be frustrating with glasses. So they have special coatings and treatments that make their lenses smudge proof, scratch proof and more. They even repel dust! Connect with Hoya Lenses on Facebook to learn more and find out about promotions.

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