Dear Company offering me a free sample:

Thank you! I’d love to try your product for free, before I decide if I should spend money purchasing it. But first I have some requests that I would appreciate your attention to:

1. Please make your “Privacy Policy” accessible and follow it. I want to know how you will use my email address and other information I submit.

2. Don’t keep your free sample form up on your website even after you’ve reached your limit on the number of requests you are fulfilling.

3. I’d love to get a coupon with my sample so that if I love your product I can save some money on it.

4. I know you have a great electronic newsletter, but please let me decide if I want to start receiving it. I also want to be able to easily unsubscribe with one click at any point in the future.

5. Don’t skimp on your packaging or my free sample may arrive missing or damaged. Pay attention to proper packaging or you may leave a bad impression on me.

Thanks again for extending this free sample to me. Like a lot of moms I am making important decisions every day for my family about what I buy (or don’t buy). I realize that I am just one potential customer of your product, but please treat me like I am your most important customer. I also like to share things with a few thousand of my closest mom friends, so my opinion matters even a little bit more.

I hope you enjoyed this “letter” I wrote. I’m filing it under “Freebie Tips”.