LooHoo Wool Dryer Ball Giveaway

Giveaway has ended, but there are more Giveaways to enterDo you want to win a LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls Relax & Tumble Gift Set ($28 value)? Four lucky Freebies 4 Mom reader will win it! I’m ditching my fabric softener and switching to the all-natural LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls. It’s a fun way to green-up your laundry routine and it will help you save money in the long-term.

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LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls GiveawayLooHoo Wool Dryer Balls to the Rescue

I’m thrilled to ditch my fabric softener – there’s no reason to use chemicals on our clothes when we don’t need to! I have tried plastic dryer balls before but they didn’t last long – they smelled funny and kind of disintegrated in the dryer after a few months. When Cyndi Prince discovered wool dryer balls she had the same problem – they didn’t last very long. So she made her own sturdier wool dryer balls that could hold-up to one to two years of work inside the dryer. She sells her creation as LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls online and in Whole Foods Market and other retailers (find a store near you).

I’ve put the LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls to the test in my laundry room and they really work! My clothes are soft (without any added chemicals) and when I hear them bouncing around in my dryer I know they are helping get my clothes dry and soft. I’m using three balls because several are recommended to get the best results. I’m excited that I won’t be spending money on fabric softener now that I’ve found a natural alternative that’s long-lasting. If you’ve got questions, please visit the LooHoo FAQ page and watch this video.

Do you want to win this LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls Relax & Tumble Gift Set? It includes three LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls plus a Miss Moonmaker Bath Fizzie and has a value of $28. Remember that only four people will win, but you have to enter before this giveaway closes on Monday, June 17.

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