*Expired* 🗺️Free Children’s eBook: Mapmaker’s Mistake ($2.99 value)

🗺️Free Children's eBook: Mapmaker's Mistake ($2.99 value)

This free eBook is no longer available but you’ll find more free eBooks here.

Enjoy this free children’s eBook (normally $2.99) for ages 8-12 by Meilani Schijvens only through April 29. Click on the yellow “Buy the Kindle version” button. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps.

Mapmaker’s Mistake $0.00

by Meilani Schijvens

How far would you go to change your fate…and the fate of your kingdom?

From a young age, Princess Asha helplessly watched her kingdom of Zanzia struggle. Even now, rival forces to the north, led by the tyrannical son of a mad king, are usurping her country’s land and resources as her people starve. Zanzia’s only chance at salvation, it seems, lays in the hands of their 13-year-old princess.

Will Asha be able to save her country from the armies that threaten her family and her home?

The Mapmaker’s Mistake follows the adventures of Asha as she uses her skills with a blade to reforge her destiny with the help of Rose, her Lady-in-Waiting, and spunky little sister Aurelia. Together the girls use diplomacy, espionage, and sharpened steel to circumvent an unstoppable army bent on taking what little Zanzia has left.

And when a chance encounter presents Asha with a chance to break free of her burdens and to live the life she always wanted, a mapmaker’s mistake means that Asha is forced to choose between saving her kingdom or saving herself.”

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