Yes, the newest free Redwood Creek Wine vintage 18×24 print is available to request, it’s called Pinot Noir! This print is a little bit different from the others, with a more prominently displayed bottle of wine. But I still like the style of it, so I’ll add it to my collection to hang on my walls. You can request all three prints available: Gondola, Canoe, and Pinoit Noir – the limit is one of each print per household.

I picked up my first frame for my Snowshoe print and was able to get it for $6 by taking advantage of a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby. I will buy more after I receive more prints (I should have all three of the current designs headed my way now) and when I can get that $6 price. I decided that I didn’t need a fancy frame for my free prints, but I did need a frame so I got the cheapest vinyl frame with thin plastic black molding. After I get at least two of my Redwood Creek prints hung up on the wall, I’ll take a photo to show you!