Freebies 4 Mom MobileFrequently Asked Question: Can I access Freebies 4 Mom on my mobile device?

Visit and my new mobile site will automatically appear on your smart phone or tablet. Bookmark it so you can check it daily to see what’s new! You’ll see the same content as on my homepage, but only the titles of the 5 most recent posts will display. This makes the site load ‘super fast’ and you can click on any title for the details. There is also a Search feature at the bottom so you can find specific freebies quickly. More and more freebies, coupons, sweeps, and deals are becoming mobile-friendly so you’ll find that many offers you’re able to sign-up for from my mobile site. I have Lucky Dad Media to thank for building me a custom mobile site.

I hope this will help you keep up with the freebies throughout the day and I welcome your feedback. Please leave a comment on this post or contact me.

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