What groups does your family belong to? When you start to think about it, you probably belong to lots of groups like sports, scouts, church, moms, playgroup, bunco, scrapbooking, volunteer, and many more. How does your group stay organized? Welcome Qlubb to your group and the organization and communication just got better. Better yet, Qlubb is a free resource that you can utilize to it’s fullest without paying a dime.

I’m sharing this new mom resource with you because I am participating inthe Mom Central Qlubb blog tour. I love to spread the word about great new resources like this one. Qlubb is also having a fabulous Back-to-School giveaway weekly for a $100 Target gift card, so round-up your groupies and give Qlubb a try. I’m adding this to all the other mom resources I’ve shared with you on my blog, and I’d love feedback on which ones you are using and benefiting from!