I got a strange email from Fedex, not that it was suspicious but that it said I should expect a package soon. But I wasn’t expecting a package because I hadn’t placed any orders with a Boston Beer Company. That means I was getting a sweepstakes prize, and with 5,850 winners you might have gotten it too! This was a one-time entry sweeps, so it didn’t make the Sweeps 4 Mom list.

Here’s the conversation I had with myself in my head:

“[Opens Fedex email.] Why in the world is Boston Beer Company sending me a package? Uhhhhh . . . did I win something? Wait a second, I vaguely remember entering a sweepstakes for some brand of beer. Let me search my blog and see what I can find . . . that’s it! Samuel Adams Crystal Pint Glass Sweepstakes – I won a set of 4 glasses worth $50. Woo hoo!



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