Explore Green Your Home Challenge and get 25+ points for your RecycleBank account by exploring the Bedroom (25 points) that was just unlocked today! After logging in go to “Earn Points” then scroll down until you see the “Green Your Home Challenge” image (same image as in this post) to get started exploring. Basically you just click on the yellow [+] symbols and take polls, answer short questions, learn facts. When you see “Enter the contest and get my 5 points” you need to click on it to collect your points. Keep checking back because each week in April a new room is unlocked for you to explore and collect more points. If you are new to RecycleBank, get free RecycleBank codes from my previous posts.

RecycleBank is an easy way for everyone to get some high-value coupons. If you live in an area that is participating in RecycleBank, then you get points for what you recycle. But everyone can still sign-up for RecycleBank and earn points other ways too! You can now refer-a-friend for 10 points (this is my referral link above).

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Image credit: RecycleBank