Send an ecard and Robeez will make a $5 product donation to children in need in partnership with Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.). The will donate up to $250,000 of products, but you’ve got to sent that ecard to help them reach that capped donation level. You will also be entered in a sweepstakes to win Robeez yourself (you pick which set you want a chance to win). Thanks to Michelle and many other readers for sharing this with me! And guess what? I’m going to send the link to this blog post to Robeez so that they will make an additional $25 product donation to thank me for helping to spread the word about this promotion that’s all about giving back. If you have a blog, please join me!

I’m using the label “donate” for all my posts about making freebie donations, whether you are donating your freebies you receive or telling companies to donate money on your behalf.