Squishy Human Body GiveawayGiveaway has ended, but there are more Giveaways to enterDo you want to win a Squishy Human Body from SmartLab Toys? One lucky Freebies 4 Mom reader will win it! This is a fantastic educational toy that my kids are fascinated by. They love to “disassemble” the Squishy Human Body and learn the names of the organs and how they work as they “dissect” it. Learning anatomy should be fun – and this is an affordable toy to learn from!

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Squishy Human Body: Learn, Touch, Read, Explore

What will your kids learn from the Squishy Human Body?

SmartLab Toys creates toys that kids can learn from – everything from science kits to art kits and 3D puzzles. I’ll have to admit that even I learned a few things from the Squishy Human Body – it’s actually the first 3-dimensional model I’ve handled and it helped me learn more about the spatial relationship of the organs to each other. But enough about what I learned, what did my kids learn? My 8-year-old is reading about the organs from the book (included with the model) as he removes them from the body. My 6-year-old is learning the names of the organs and hypothesizing how they function. He thinks the lungs might flap like a butterfly when you breathe, but I told him I think they inflate and deflate like a balloon.

This toy is so smart, I love it! There is an Organizer to use to place your body parts as you remove them – this also helps kids learn the names of everything. You can even remove the muscles and the bones from the clear body model and it’s easy to put back together by flipping thru the book backwards to check placements. There is an Organizer to use to place your body parts as you remove them – this also helps kids learn the names of everything. Or you can refer to the easy-to-follow rebuilding instructions which are also available online in case you lose them. A stand is included so you can proudly display your body until you’re ready to dissect it again.

You can buy the Squishy Human Body for $27.99 at the SmartLab Toys online store. Take 25% off your next purchase when you use the coupon code BLOGDEAL0713 (expires Aug. 31). With that discount your price drops to $20.99 which is a great deal! Shipping is $6.95 on one item, but only $1 additional on your second item. If your order is more than $50 then you’ll also get free shipping.

Anatomy gets hands on

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