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Do you have any remodeling projects going on this summer? Take a look at Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology that are available at your local The Home Depot. There are two models available – one designed to install as a shower door and one designed to install on top of a bathtub. These sliding glass shower doors feature ComforTrack technology which means you can actually lean on the track or even sit on it! That’s because the track is flexible and it’s also easy to clean. It’s perfect for bathing kids and pets because you don’t have to avoid a hard shower track.undefined

4 Tips for Bathing Kids Safely

Tip #1 – Safety first!

Never leave kids alone in the bathtub even for a moment. If the doorbell rings or the phone rings – just ignore it. It’s a great idea to but a non-slip mat on the bottom of the tub and non-slip rugs in the bathroom.

Tip #2 – Don’t let mold grow!

Where you’ve got kids in the bathtub, you’ve got toys that are constantly getting wet. Select your bathtub toys carefully so that they are easy to drain and dry. I can’t tell you how gross it is to discover toys where mold has been growing for who knows how long. Like those toys you squeeze water out of! Well guess what – you can never really squeeze all of the water out of them which means mold grows on the inside!

Tip #3 – Kids need kid-friendly bathtime products

Don’t use shampoo or soap made for adults in the bathtub! Kids can be extra sensitive to some ingredients found in bath product formulated for adults. It’s wise to choose bathtime product made especially for kids that are tear-free. If you know your kids are sensitive then look for fragrance -free and dye-free products.

Tip #4 – Be prepared

Have all your supplies for bathtime ready to go before you start filling the tub with water. You don’t want to leave the bathroom once you start filling the bathtub because water in a bathtub can be a hazard. You also want to be prepared to react in case there is an emergency during bathtime. That means being fully dressed and having a phone nearby. Sometimes accidents can happen in the bathtub even when you’re closely supervising your children. Once my son slipped and hit his eyebrow against the side of the bathtub (not the edge) and his eyebrow split wide open and started bleeding. I was alone with both kids in the bathtub and had to quickly get both kids out of the bathtub and dressed so we could drive to the Emergency Room for stitches. It was stressful but I was glad I could quickly get my kids ready to leave the house (their clothes were already in the bathroom).

What are your tips for bathing your kids safely?


I would love to install these shower doors in my kids bathroom because the shower curtain just does not work well to keep water inside the tub. Where would you install Sterling Prevail doors in your house?

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