🍅Sweeps Success: My Readers Love Little Prizes

ZiplocThe truth is that most of the sweepstakes I share with you have little prizes with lots of winners. Here’s a “Sweeps Success Story” from Karen about the little prize she won:

“What a nice surprise in the mail…Congratulations! You are a prize winner in the ‘The Great American Freshover Instant Win Game’. Prize: One Ziploc ‘VersaGlass’ 1.9L container *BPA free (oven, microwave, freezer, dishwasher […]


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👜Sweeps Success: Nothing Beats a Surprise Prize

Sweeps SuccessSometimes you don’t know you won a prize until it shows up on your doorstep. Here’s an entertaining “Sweeps Success Story” from Gretchen about the prize she was surprised with:

“I’ve won quite a few items over the years,  but just one “big” ones,  a trip to LA to see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. But my most interesting story is getting a […]


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🦚Sweeps Success When You Win Your First Sweeps

NBCYou enter your first sweepstakes with the expectation that you won’t win, but you might have fun trying to win. Then you get so excited a prize shows up at your door and you find out you did win that first sweepstakes you enter! That’s what happened to Wendy and here is her “Sweeps Success Story” thanks to my weekly Sweeps 4 Mom posts:

“I found […]


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🧯Sweeps Success The Energizer Prize That Saved Lives

EnergizerFirst I cried, then I celebrated that I played a small part in helping Candace win a prize that saved the lives of her family. She won a Carbon Monoxide Detector in the Energizer Fire Safety Home Makeover Sweepstakes (now ended, I shared it on my blog October 20, 2011) along with 499 other winners. Let’s all go thank Energizer on Facebook for giving […]


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🎥Sweeps Success Story: When You Don’t Win the “Mostly” Prize

Teana thought she won free movie tickets, but instead she won VIP Experience Tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood from the Fast Five sweepstakes

Here is Teana’s “Sweeps Success Story”:

“I wanted to tell you about my recent success story. I know it’s nothing compared to trips and hundreds of dollars, but I’m excited nonetheless! I come to your website every evening and play sweeps…Of course, I doubt that I will ever really win […]


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💵Sweeps Success Story: I Found a $600 Prize in my Spam Folder

RecycleBank sent me an email with the subject line  “You’re a Green Your Home Winner!” requiring my immediate response by faxing a signed and notarized affidavit in order to claim my prize worth $600. I found this email in my Spam Folder! Remember to check your Spam folder carefully and do not automatically delete everything that goes to it. You can usually tell if an email is […]


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🧹Sweeps Success Story: Take the Time to Enter

I took a photo of my dirty water after cleaning my carpet and won up to $158 worth of Bissell Cleaning Formula in the Bissell “Give Me a Dirtly Look” Offer.  I honestly didn’t think I had a chance of being one of the first 100 people to submit a photo because I uploaded my photo 10  days after this offer started. But I was one of the first […]


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🌴Sweeps Success Story: Winning a $5,300 Trip

I love it when my readers win trips! Ron won a trip to L.A. from the Skinny Cow Perfect Cup Sweepstakes. They are awarding five grand prizes of a trip for two to attend The Perfect Cup Event in L.A. (a trip worth $5,300). If I were you, I’d keep playing Sweeps 4 Mom daily until this sweeps ends on June 30. Maybe another […]


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💰Sweeps Success Story: $1,000 is Worth Your Time

Sometimes it feels like the Sweeps 4 Mom (daily entry sweepstakes) are not worth your time to play. And then you win, and suddenly playing the sweeps just got a lot more rewarding! My lucky reader, Cindy, was the $1,000 weekly winner of the VitaminWater Revive Your Style sweepstakes. I know we all can’t be as lucky as Cindy, but it definitely


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👟Sweeps Success Story: And the Winner is . . . YOU!

I just got a little lift by winning a $100 Foot Locker gift card on the Halls Pop A Drop Instant Win sweepstakes. It was the first sweepstakes I played Wednesday at 9:14 pm, and my first win since a free music download from Dentyne. The cool thing about the Halls sweeps is you can keep winning cough drops until you’ve won a daily prize (I’ve also […]


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