I bought these 10 items for a total of $2.77 (a savings of $29.34 or 91%) after I receive my $10 Kellogg’s Rebate. In summary I saved $10.21 by buying on sale, I saved $9.13 by using coupons, and I saved $10 by doing a rebate.

I wanted to use this as an example of how I applied the following three types of savings to get this sweet deal at Kroger. You can apply this savings strategy to any grocery store, but you do have to read the weekly ads, collect coupons, and be aware of rebate offers. This is one of those extreme example of where all the discounts line-up just right, but it wasn’t a lot of work for me to time my purchase right and stock-up on cereal and cereal bars.

Tripled Grocery Savings involve applying all 3 types of savings:

1. Buy On Sale – every item I bought was on sale, not only that but as part of a special Mega Event promotion I received an additional $5.00 off my purchase because I bought 10 participating items. Check out Nickels-n-Dimes for a complete list of participating items and coupon matchups if you shop at Kroger. If I only applied this type of savings to the purchase of these 10 items, I would have spent $21.90. So by buying on sale I saved $10.21.

2. Use Coupons – I used a coupon on every single one of those 10 items. I basically let my coupons determine exactly which participating items I would purchase. I was able to do that because we eat a wide variety of cereal and cereal bars at my house. So I can let my coupons determine what we buy to a certain degree and know we will eat what my coupons can buy for us. The best coupon I had was a “Buy One Get One Free Mini Wheats” coupon that I received in the mail from Vocalpoint. If I only applied the first two types of saving to the purchase of these 10 items, I would have spent $12.77. So by buying using coupons, additionally I saved $9.13.

3. Do Rebates – I am sending in my Kellogg’s Fuel for School rebate form along with my original UPCs and original store receipt to receive a $10 rebate check. By doing the rebate, additionally I saved $10.00.

Remember that you can do the Kellogg’s rebate anytime between now and September 30, so you really do have time to wait for the right sale and promotion at your local grocery store. If you have already done the Kellogg’s rebate, please share with us what store you shopped at and how you applied more than one type of savings to get a good deal.