FreeBox“So glad to see the Freebox back! I understand how hectic summer is though…thanks for making my day!” -Michelle

Summers are the toughest time for me to work from home. That’s because I go from having 37.5 hours of kid-free time each week to having 0 hours of kid-free time most weeks. It’s a drastic change but a welcome one because I want to spend the summer with the kids and go on vacation from our normal routine. I do work a little while the kids are playing at home, but that’s work time that is constantly interrupted so it’s best used for small updates and not lengthy tasks.

During the summer several things on my blog have to just go undone – the FreeBox is one of those. I still help my readers find freebies all summer long, and I still get freebies in my mailbox. But I’m not up to the extra task of taking a photo and sharing it each day. So with the return of school, my FreeBox returns and I’m excited to show you what I’ve received recently and look forward to seeing your mailbox photos too!

I invite your comments and constructive criticism about my blog, Freebies 4 Mom. My goal is constant improvement to help serve my readers better. I want to give you an inside view into how I run my blog plus give you opportunities to help me make improvements. Please contact me, I look forward to hearing from you!

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