Light and crunchy, chocolate and vanilla, sweet but nutritious, that’s how I would describe the new Kellogg’s Wild Animal Crunch cereal. Thanks to Mom Central and Kellogg’s, I received a free sample of this cereal and a DVD of Meerkat Manor to thank me for writing my own opinion in this review.

We all know that kids like to entertain themselves during breakfast by studying the cereal box, so the cool thing about Wild Animal Crunch is that they have partnered with Animal Planet to bring fun animal facts and games on the box. Ok, I have to admit I’m actually snacking on this cereal while I blog about it – yes, it’s good enough to eat without milk! Don’t tell my kids, but despite how much we all love this new cereal we will not be adding it to our daily breakfast menu. We are sticking with our oatmeal, but we will bring out the Wild Animal Crunch as a special treat occasionally.

What am I giving away? A brand new DVD of Meerkat Manor Season One (read more about it at Animal Planet’s show Meerkat Manor is a real hoot, and educational too! This giveaway is now closed. And the random number generator has spoken – #86 Morgan is the winner!