10% off Yala Coconut Oil Whitening Mouthwash

You can save 10% off your order of Yala Coconut Oil Whitening Mouthwash with coupon code FREEBIES4MOM10. I’m a big fan of Yala because it’s a natural way to whiten your teeth plus it’s super healthy for your gums! I talked with my dentist about using it and he said it is safe to use if you have crowns. My dentist measured the whiteness of my teeth so we can compare after 6 months of using Yala. I’m using the Lemon right now, but I also like the Peppermint flavor.

Let me tell you how I use it, because it’s a bit different from your traditional mouthwash. You squeeze a small amount into your mouth and it instantly dissolves. You need to swish it around in your mouth for about 15 minutes, so I do that while I’m taking a shower. When you spit it out, do not spit it out into the sink! You need to spit it out into the garbage can because the coconut oil will solidify in your pipes. This is a great way to naturally whiten your teeth!

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