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Order a 50% off Magnet to use as a Drawing Board: $4.99 for 8.5×11.25 and $9.99 for 11.25×17.3 from Vistaprint available Monday only (shipping is free). It’s a creative way to create reusable drawing space for your kids on your fridge or washer/dryer using dry erase markers. I picked out this small magnet design (8.5×11.25) with a thin blue border (page 3) and just left it blank. Of course if you actually need a Car Magnet or Calendar Magnet (only 11.x5x17.3 size) then design one of those.

Tip: Pick up some freebies with your magnet! 4 Our 2 Cents said: “Today’s vistaprint offer gives you free shipping on your entire cart.  So you can go back and pick up those freebie items- for completely free.  I was able to add 4 free items and the magnet and just paid $4.99!”
If you only order a small magnet, you’ll save $9.75 on your order today only ($4.99 on the magnet and $4.75 on shipping). Select the free  ‘Standard 14-days’ as a delivery time (they usually deliver it faster than that). I like that VistaPrint gives you the option to use PayPal as your payment method at checkout (maybe you’ve earned free money from viewing YouData ads). This post contains affiliate links. For more information please visit my Disclosure Policy. (Image credit: Vistaprint)

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